Can I use my own vendors?

Maintenance your way

Ultimately we work for landlords and if they have existing vendor relationships we will honor those relationships.

As part of our onboarding process we will determine what vendors are to be used and when. If the vendor is licensed, insured and provides their tax detail we will not have to bother you with coordinating the repairs. The whole process can be managed between ourselves and the vendor, with you being notified at completion or if the maintenance event exceeds our pre-established maintenance limits. 

Understanding that this is what we are paid to do, most landlords prefer to delegate maintenance management to their rental manager. In most cases this is the most efficient way of handling standard maintenance vents. Of course, if the work has the potential to exceed rental limits we will contact the landlord to discuss options. 

Another benefit of using our in-house maintenance service is our 7 Point Check-Up. This complimentary service reduces landlord expenses by eliminating some maintenance events that could have been prevented.