Are linens and towels provided?

What linens do I need to pack?

Each home is equipped with 2 towels per person. If the max occupancy of the home is 8, there will be 16 towels in the home. There are 4 washcloths, as well. If this is not enough for you, and you feel you may need more towels, I would recommend bringing some with you. 

All of our homeowners are required to have sheets for each of the beds. To keep the home more sanitary, we have eliminated comforters from the homes. Each bed now has a triple sheet set, and a blanket. There are 2 sets of sheets and 2 blankets per bed. If this is not enough blankets or sheets, I suggest packing some extra of your own.

If there are specific linen questions, please call 941-877-5588