How will I receive confirmation and arrival instructions from Gulf Coast?

Confirmation emails are sent within 24 hours of making your booking. Please note that confirmations are based on availability and while you may receive a confirmation from an external website, such as VRBO, our confirmations will come from Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals. All emails are sent from guests@gcvacationrentals so please make sure that email is added to your inbox so no emails are filtered into spam. 

You will receive an invitation to your guest portal a week before your arrival. This portal contains all pertinent information about the home and on the day of arrival, it will also include the lockbox/ door code. If you have a property where you need to go to an office to pick up keys, the address to the office you need to go to will be in the portal under the tab "arrival instructions". 

All arrival instructions are sent on the day of arrival at check in time via email and text. If you have any other concerns regarding this please call 941-877-5588.