Is the pool heated?

This is going to depend largely on the home. If the home you have rented is a single family home with a pool and it has a heating option, we do allow for that to be turned on for a fee of $25/night. If your reservation is 7 nights or less, we do have to turn the heat on for the entirety of your stay. If you are staying for longer than 7 days, you do not need to heat the pool your whole stay, but it does need to be a minimum of 1 week. 

The spas that are connected to a pool are very different than a hot tub and run on the same heater. We are not able to heat the spa, without also heating the pool. Therefore, heating the spa is also $25/night. 

If you want the pool heat turned on and off multiple times during your stay, there is a trip charge of $75. Guests are not to touch the pool heaters and most of them have locks, thus the property inspectors and pool vendors need to go out and turn heat on and off. If you want to add pool heat, please call 941-877-5588