Vacation Rental Owner Portal: Owner Instructions on how to add/edit/delete an owner block

Owner instructions on how to use the owner portal, create, edit and delete owner reservations and more...

Follow this link to get to owner protal login:

Through the portal, you can add, modify, and delete owner reservations, see upcoming bookings, owner statements, and more.

Here is some helpful information if you cannot login:

  1. Once on the login page go to the 'Forgot password?' link.
  2. Enter the email address and press the 'Next' button.
  3. If the system found the owner's email then they will receive instructions to reset their password.

Please be aware that you will need to use the email address connected in our system.


The Reservation tab shows all upcoming reservations and allows owners to add/edit/delete upcoming owner, owner family member, owner paying guest, and acquired bookings. 


TEST 1. Click Resveration Tab


2. Click + New Reservation

3. Enter required details 

In order to add a reservation the system requires the Reservation Type, Check-In and Check-out dates, and the Unit selected.

4. Click Create Reservation


1. Click Resveration Tab


2. Navigate to the reservation you would like to remove and click the Cancel button to the right. 

3. When the popup appears review and if you would like to confirm the cancelation press the final Cancel Reservation.


Owners cannot edit or delete a checked-in reservation. Please make a special request to the Account Manager for support removing or editing an already checked-in the reservation.

1. Click Resveration Tab


2. Navigate to the reservation you would like to edit and click the Edit button to the right. 


3. Update the date and select the Unit from the dropdown

Every time a reservation is edited the dates and unit must be updated or there will not be the option to select "Create Reservation"

4. Click the Update Reservation Button  


The Statements tab shows all of your owner statements that have been generated in Track. The Tax Forms are also listed on this page. 


Work Orders

The Work Orders tab shows a copy of the Work Order Summary Report. This report shows the different work orders that have been billed/completed on your unit(s). You can select the year, date, and month to view. The total charges for the unit are listed at the bottom of the report. 


The Document tab will contain any documents that have been uploaded by the Property Management Company. Examples of documents that can be uploaded include Prior tax documents, prior statements, and other necessary information.  The documents contain the following information:

  • The date that the document was uploaded.
  • The Company that the document is relevant for
    • This is useful for owners that are attached to more than one owner profile. 
  • The File Name
    • If the file is named, the name of the file will be filled here.   



The Dashboard gives you a quick look at your rental units' reservations and work orders. This page contains:

  1. The name of the user currently accessing the portal.
  2. The available menu options within the Owner Portal.
  3. Quickview Dashboard Icons that allow you to quickly view your check-ins, Check-outs, Work Orders, and Reservations.
  4. A graph showing your upcoming arrivals/departures.
  5. A Graph showing your reservations by type. 
    1. Ex.: Owner, Guest, Owner Family Member, etc.



The Availability Calendar shows you the different reservations that have been made on your unit. You can select the unit, year, and reservation type that you would like to view at the top of the page. The default search parameters will be all Reservation Types for the current year. The Reservations will be color-coded and if you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the reservations listed with color types. The Reservations tab also contains the totals for the year.