What happens if the guest disputes the credit card charges on their reservation payment? What happens to the money?

When we have received a dispute from one of your guest's credit card companies, the funds in question are held in escrow until a resolution is reached. Due to this, we must hold back those funds from your account for the time being. While there aren't typically many incremental updates with the dispute process, we will do our best to let you know of any updates as soon as we are able.
Most disputes with credit card companies tend to side with the consumer, however Gulf Coast Property Management is able to provide numerous documents and timestamps that drastically increase our likelihood of prevailing. In the event that we win the dispute, the funds will be released back to your account and scheduled to be released during the next scheduled owner disbursement. 
In the event you have already been paid the proceeds from the disputed rental income, you may see this chargeback on your statement offset other rental income. If no other rental income is on said statement, then your account will carry a negative balance and an amount due to Gulf Coast.