What will we be responsible for at check out?

Check out procedures

We email the check out procedures 24 hours before check out, as well as it being available in the portal. 


1. Check-out is at 10 AM

2. Check-outs between January – April, strip beds and begin wash cycle for sheets

3. Check-outs between May – December, strip beds

4. Wash and store all dishes

5. Bag any loose trash and refrigerator items in garbage bag and place in outside garbage can/dumpster* If the trash day is on the same day as your checkout please bring to the curb

6. Clean BBQ, if used*

7. Stow pool toys tidily in garage, if applicable

8. Ensure pool baby barrier is in place*

9. Turn off all lights and fans

10. Return Air Conditioning to 78F

11. Lock doors

12. Return all keys, garage door openers and/or passes to where they were originally retrieved.  (if you are required to drop keys off at an office location and the office is closed when you arrive, please drop the keys off in the key drop box located outside our front door).

(*) indicates a potential charge to guests if disregarded in anyway. 

Thank you for choosing Gulf Coast Vacation Rentals. 

With Gratitude,

Gulf Coast Reservations Team